Enjoy a Day Trip to Yalova, Turkey

A Trip to Yalova in Turkey can be an affordable travel option for the budget conscious traveler. This ancient region on the Black Sea has been a popular escape from the turmoil that has gripped Turkey over the past few years. Since the area was left alone by both Turkey and Greece in the years after the invasion of Cyprus in 2021, many of the ancient sites have been renovated and upgraded. A short drive from the coast, these pristine beaches and seaside resort towns present a picture perfect getaway for families and singles alike.

If a more casual vacation is in order, a more budget-friendly alternative is available in the form of a luxury trip to Yalova, Turkey. The prices for this type of trip are much closer to those for a more traditional holiday: a stay in a top-of-the-line 5-star hotel, depending on where you stay and how long you intend to stay. A quick Internet search will reveal all of the best choices for cheap flights to Turkey. Turkey is host to a diverse selection of attractions ranging from the stunning Sea Mountains to the historic city of Ephesus, home to the earliest known civilization in the world. From the sea to the land, there is something to keep everyone entertained and excited on a trip back to Turkey.

A low-cost trip to Yalova can be achieved by booking a direct flight and renting a car for the duration of the trip. Although there is no room for comparison with hotel prices, the car rental may offer some perks unique to this type of vacation trip. A luxury trip to Yalova would not be complete without at least one stop for the delicious Raki (Armenian sweetbread) cookies that are often served during such excursions. Even a low-cost trip to Turkey with a limited number of stops would still leave a traveler with enough pocket change to fill those small plastic water bottles.

One of the most popular activities in Turkey is enjoying the region’s most scenic stretches of mountain ridges. The Black Sea coast is home to lush mountains and dramatic cliffs, while the Turkish side has a more continental feel. There are a wide variety of locations for day trips to the mountains. Some travelers choose to head up the Transcarpathine Mountains while others prefer to visit the rolling green hills of Ertogrulc during a day trip to Yalova. Regardless of whether you choose the Transcarpathine or the Ertogrulc route, both offer spectacular views over the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another way to enjoy the region’s mountains is taking advantage of Turkey’s natural hot springs. Yalova Thermal Spring lies just 90 minutes east of Yalova, offering travelers the opportunity to experience the steamy relaxation after a long day hiking the trails. The cooled mineral water is perfect for relaxing and revitalizing. You can even take advantage of the mineral-rich waters of the Turkish Black Sea coast to enjoy the relaxing benefits of warm Turkish baths on your trip to Yalova thermal spring.

Turkey offers more than just beaches and warm water. It also offers therapeutic properties that many find beneficial for relieving stress. After a day exploring the region, head straight to your spa. Most spa facilities offer thermal spring water or other mineralized water that you can soak in. Turkish baths are available throughout the city as well as in surrounding towns. For those who enjoy a more pampering spa experience, many host spas located throughout Yalova, Ertogrulc, Mecidiyekoy, Bey Sahin and other surrounding towns.