Trip to Zangoli and Hermany Neighbourhood

Trip to Zangoli is my favorite trip that I take in my foreign travel. The Zangolani Mountains region of Azerbaijan is the perfect place to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and relax in the peace and tranquility of the mountains. In fact, I’ve been to this district many times in past few years and each time, the experience was different and unforgettable in its own special way. It will be my very personal memories and reflections about my time in Zangoli.

Trip to Zangilan

Trip to Zangoli begins from the coast of the Caspian Sea, where there are many beautiful beaches awaiting you. Dotted with a wide range of rocky islands and peninsulas, the coastline of Azerbaydinar is the ideal location for relaxation. Once on the coast of Azerbaydinar, you can start your tour to the mountainous region of Zangoli. There are many spectacular and captivating landscapes and views of the sea and its surrounding areas. Once you reach the towns of Nisarga and Nalbandi, you’ll come across the impressive Soviet-era agricultural estates still in their original designs.

The spectacular landscapes and the abundance of nature beauty just take a look at the Zangoli district and its rural areas. One of the most popular attractions of the Zangoli region is the Zangilani Lakes, where many tourists love to spend their days exploring, swimming and relaxing. Apart from these attractive tourist spots, the agricultural estates of Zangoli has many interesting monuments, historical buildings and important infrastructure projects. The most prominent among these infrastructure projects includes the new housing estate called “Korkome”, which is being constructed in order to create the first apartments of grade II development. After all these grandeur projects, the aim of the residents of Zangoli is to preserve the rich culture of Azerbaijan and build a high quality lifestyle for its residents and visitors.

Besides, the district has some less interesting and historic places, such as the district headquarters, the administration building and the university. The main district centre is located at the “Nasiyan Tanah Lot” in the southern part of Zangoli. The “Nasiyan Keong Sal” (centre of academic and administrative affairs) is located in the northern part of the district. Besides, the “Hamid Sadequamai Tabibulle” (academic centre for handicrafts) is located in the north-eastern part of the district and “Hamid Asyabumulleh” or the “Centre for Islamic Arts” is situated in the centre of the district.

The Zangoli district is home to many important tourist’s attractions. This is a district of great natural beauty with different climates; it offers a great opportunity for one to enjoy a nature tour while staying in Zangoli or any other A Turkmenistan hotel. The district is well-known for its rich flora and fauna. A major attraction for tourists is the Arakhan Gate, built by Shah Jehan, in honour of his grandfather. The main aim was to attract tourists and to encourage their return by offering them an exotic gateway to the world. The gate was built by A Turkmen from the name of his adopted son.

The village of Zangila was established during Soviet rule when all Aghalizan areas were included. There have been many years of peace and prosperity for the village people, who have managed to maintain their old culture and customary customs. The most prominent buildings in this village are the Islamising Baba Darya Mosque, the Central Mosque and the Turkish Orthodox Mosque. There are many cultural events that take place throughout the year in Zangila. It is the ideal place for visiting old towns and villages of A Turkmenistan, where traditional customs and culture are preserved.